Going Forward

Going Forward
Over the next number of months, together we will be reviewing the basis of our technology, the products offered by Poly-Mor Canada Inc. in meeting challenges related to slab-lifting, soils stabilization, leak sealing and other applications, as well as advantages of our technology over other technologies like mud jacking, pressure grouting etc.


Everything Poly-Mor does and every product application is based upon the use of a specific expanding polymer system. Depending upon the product application, engineering specification, desired results, etc. an expanding polymer resin system will be employed. In more simplified terms the expanding polymer resin systems are different polyurethane (PU) systems. Polyurethane is a two part chemical system where a Polyol and an Isocyanate are mixed at the end of a specialized injection gun. The Polyol and Isocyanate start to gel within seconds and expand up to 20 times their liquid volume. The below video demonstrates this process.

I would like to thank you and your team for a job will done on my concrete pool deck slab lifting her in Hamilton, Ontario” , they did an amazing job on my concrete slab lifting. I only hired them to do one part of my concrete slab fixing but I will be doing the rest to complete the fixing of all slabs around my house in near future.
I also, will be recommending your company to all our offices of Stantec Consulting for any future jobs requires your expertise. This solution of concrete fixing for slabs and foundation will be a great money saving to lots of our clients and adding to this type of product used as environmentally friendly product and very efficient way of permanent solution.
Again, thanks for very good work, and I am sure we will be dealing with your company with lots of work ahead in the near future.

Next Time
We will address certain terminology relating to polyurethanes such as density, exothermicity, R-Value, etc.

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