Why Poly-Mor

Why Poly-Mor?
When it comes to slab-lifting settled concrete this is a more than valid question and it should be asked!!! The traditional method of lifting settled concrete is referred to as “mud’-jacking” which employs hydraulic technology
whereby a low mobility grout is injected at low pressures through a drilled hole and the settled concrete slab is lifted and typically to do a proper job the Mud-Jacking Handbook requires holes to be drilled no farther than 3’ apart. The Poly-Mor technique of lifting settled concrete slabs utilizes a chemical lift whereby two liquid components are mixed and injected through a small hole and the foaming action of the two components lifts the settled concrete slab with ease. The following diagram shows the advantages and disadvantages of grout over foam:

Another valid question to ask once you are convinced that the superior technology is the use of a light weight foam product is “How Long Have You Been In Business?” We suggest this question because lifting using an expanding polymer resin, if not undertaken by seasoned technicians can result in shoddy workmanship and
Poly-Mor has experienced the “learning-curve” as we have been in business for just about 20 years. Our promise to you is “If we do not do what we say we can and will do, we will not charge you!”

From Mr. & Mrs. Rentsch – “Jarrod and Mike just finished up and did a fabulous, professional job and they were courteous and friendly. Please convey our sincere thanks to them.” I will be certain to spread the good word about Poly-Mor. It was a pleasure dealing with you all.”

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