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Get The Facts

Yesterday, and many, many times we have been asked the question “Why should we use Poly-Mor?” A good question and the answer is we were the first to introduce the technology to Canada and we have proven ourselves in the field as well as demonstrating ingenuity in the application of expanding polyurethane resin systems as evidenced through a number of patents and patent pendings that Poly-Mor has. It is easy to talk about ourselves but we encourage you to closely check out the competition and ask and compare their answers to ours:


How log have you been in business              Since 1998
How many lifting jobs have you done          Over 6,500
Is Slab-Jacking your only business                Yes
Do you do foam insulating work                    No
Do you do foam roofing work                         No
Is your foam proven & long lasting               Yes
Is your foam environmentally neutral          Yes
Are you LEEDs certified                                    Yes
Do you warranty your foam                            Yes
Do you warranty your workmanship           Yes
What is your minimum foam warranty        10 Years
What is your workmanship warranty           2 – 5 Years
Are you COR Certified                                       Yes
Can you provide three references                  Yes

When it comes to slab-lifting, experience counts to minimize cracking in lifting the concrete and having long-term back-up for the work undertaken. Check out the credentials of competitors and compare!


Although this testimonial is a little dated it speaks to the matter at hand (Note we were URETEK prior to rebranding to Poly-Mor some 5 years ago)


September 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I feel obliged to write this letter and explain my experience with (CRS)  – a concrete slab lifting company in Winnipeg.

It all started in the spring of 2008 when I called CRS to request they provide an estimate to lift and level my settled and cracked residential concrete walkway and driveway.  I subsequently agreed to have CRS do the work and they started the project in July.  After almost a whole day at my house and a return visit a few days later, the CRS representative advised that they could not lift or level certain areas of the concrete, they could not remove some of the kick hazards and they could not restore the driveway to its approximate original elevation (all of which they had contracted to do).  CRS said they ‘did the best job possible’, which was not satisfactory by any standard.  Furthermore, they presented a bill and demanded payment for the full amount of the estimate.

Wow, was I shocked.
My neighbour, a previous URETEK customer, suggested that I contact the URETEK team – ask them to evaluate the CRS work to see if they could make the job complete.
In September 2008, URETEK spent about 3-4 hours only – lifting and leveling my walkway and driveway – removing all kick hazards – and advised me on how to extend the life of the concrete by treating cracks with a special caulking.
URETEK did the job, perfectly!  All the things CRS could not do, URETEK did without hesitation – they said it was “business as usual”.
I would recommend URETEK in a heart beat – unqualified.

Wayne S.
Richmond West,

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