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High density polyurethane foam systems since their introduction into Canada by Poly-Mor Canada Inc. some 20 years ago were used almost exclusively for purposes of lifting settled concrete structures – yes slab-lifting. Over the years Poly-Mor has developed other uses for foam systems and has developed specialized foam systems for these products. The following itemizes other products Poly-Mor offers our markets:

VOID-FILLING – Sink Holes, Any Annular Space       Fill. Wash Outs, etc.

SOILS STABILIZATION – Densification of Weak Soils Strata at Depth

LEAK SEALING – Manholes, Catch Basins, Box Culverts, Storm & Sanitary Lines, etc.

REINFORCED POLYMER BASE – A Reinforced Structural Base to Bridge Weak Soils Condition

FOUNDATION LIFTING – Lifting Slab-On-Grade, Rafted and Footed Foundations

POYMER PILES – Anchoring & Pinning Systems

In future Poly-Blogs we will get into more detail on each of  the products and services Poly-Mor Canada Inc. can offer.


My name is Derek and I arranged for Poly-Mor to lift our driveway.

In some areas the driveway had sunk over three inches and several of the slabs were considerably out of alignment. While I was optimistic that our driveway could be fixed to look reasonably well I didn’t think that the final result could meet the expectation of the Poly-Mor sales rep.

I was wrong, the driveway looks great and we couldn’t be more pleased.

I would like to pass on a special thanks to John of the Concord, Ont. branch for his courteous and caring service as well as all the crew who completed the work.


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