Void-Filling Application



In previous Poly-Blogs we outlined the products that Poly-Mor Canada offers to address concrete settlement and soils stabilization issues. The ensuing few Poly-Blogs are going to itemize practical application in the utilization of our unique expanding polyurethane resin systems. The first product and its applications we will be addressing is “VOID-FILLING”

  • Rocking floor panels
  • Sink holes
  • Culvert, etc. abandonment
  • Annular space fill – tunnels
  • Annular space fill – liners
  • Washed out areas fill
  • Sea wall erosion
  • Mine abandonment
  • Vibration mitigation
  • Hollow core block fill
  • Trench filling
  • Pipeline pillows
  • Voids beneath walls & floors
  • Corrosion Control
  • Any voided area needing fill



I would like to at this time thank you for the swimming pool lift and re-align. Albert  arrived on time for an estimate and went through all the details of what would be needed to bring a 30 year old swimming pool back to life.

Al knew that I was very concerned that one concrete slab had sagged to about an 1″ lower then the next and my grand daughter tripped and fell while running around the pool.

Al understood and after going over all of the details to be done an estimate was written and a week later an appointment was arranged.

Al and his crew arrived earlier then the appointment that showed a commitment to their trade.  Jarrod and Damion immediately went to work on one of the hottest days of this summer.  Al kept me informed as each step was taken with details and looking at what was being done.

I offered bottled cold water and towels as the job progressed they would only stop to take a drink then back to work.

Poly-Mor has proved that the smaller jobs are as important to the client and I am proud to say that Albert, Jarrod and Damion went beyond my expectations of quality of work, professionalism as well as keeping the work area clean.

We have peace of mind that the concrete slabs around the pool are level as we enjoy watching the grand children run around the pool.

I also look forward to having Poly-Mor come back and work on other areas that we have concerns.

I apologize for the length of this e-mail as to express how we feel takes more then a few sentences actually only one word is needed POLY-MOR!


Chris & Susan

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