Slab Lifting



In our last Poly-Blog we hi-lited applications in the use of polyurethane as a void-filling material. In this Poly-Blog we will address applications relating to concrete settlement and slab-lifting applications.

  • Bridge approaches
  • Concrete On-Off ramps
  • Settled concrete pavements
  • Concrete runways & tarmacs
  • Differentially settled revetment
  • Industrial/commercial walks
  • Office, commercial settled floors
  • Manufacturing plant floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Concrete paved parking lots
  • Docks & wharves
  • Pre-cast catch basins
  • Slab-on-grade foundations
  • Rafted foundations
  • Swimming pool decks & aprons
  • Garage pads
  • Driveways
  • Basement floors
  • Walks
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Any non-structural slab-on-grade concrete structure that has experienced settlement



I’d be happy to submit the following testimonial. I hope it is OK for your use.

I recently had some slab lifting performed by your firm. The first project was a slab that had sunk in the corner of a large meeting room at my church. The corner had sunk about 4 inches and we needed it raised so that we could put tile on it and open the room for use. Your crew arrived about 9:00 am and by 10:00 am it was back where it was when it was built. The slab is now ready for finishing.

The second project was my concrete driveway and walk which had sunk over the last 20 years. The driveway had one section which had sunk one inch when compared to the slabs around it and it was a danger for people walking on it. The driveway has sunk about 3 inches right in front of the garage due to poor compaction by the builder. My walk had sunk about 5 inches right by my front porch making it difficult for our aged parents to climb up to the porch. I witnessed the raising of the driveway and sidewalk to their originally constructed levels and was amazed at the care and professionalism of your staff. Everything was done in two hours and is now back to where it was 20 years ago.

A great job well done!


Peter Waisanen, P.Eng.

Trow Associates Inc.


The Power of polymers

Void-Filling Application



In previous Poly-Blogs we outlined the products that Poly-Mor Canada offers to address concrete settlement and soils stabilization issues. The ensuing few Poly-Blogs are going to itemize practical application in the utilization of our unique expanding polyurethane resin systems. The first product and its applications we will be addressing is “VOID-FILLING”

  • Rocking floor panels
  • Sink holes
  • Culvert, etc. abandonment
  • Annular space fill – tunnels
  • Annular space fill – liners
  • Washed out areas fill
  • Sea wall erosion
  • Mine abandonment
  • Vibration mitigation
  • Hollow core block fill
  • Trench filling
  • Pipeline pillows
  • Voids beneath walls & floors
  • Corrosion Control
  • Any voided area needing fill



I would like to at this time thank you for the swimming pool lift and re-align. Albert  arrived on time for an estimate and went through all the details of what would be needed to bring a 30 year old swimming pool back to life.

Al knew that I was very concerned that one concrete slab had sagged to about an 1″ lower then the next and my grand daughter tripped and fell while running around the pool.

Al understood and after going over all of the details to be done an estimate was written and a week later an appointment was arranged.

Al and his crew arrived earlier then the appointment that showed a commitment to their trade.  Jarrod and Damion immediately went to work on one of the hottest days of this summer.  Al kept me informed as each step was taken with details and looking at what was being done.

I offered bottled cold water and towels as the job progressed they would only stop to take a drink then back to work.

Poly-Mor has proved that the smaller jobs are as important to the client and I am proud to say that Albert, Jarrod and Damion went beyond my expectations of quality of work, professionalism as well as keeping the work area clean.

We have peace of mind that the concrete slabs around the pool are level as we enjoy watching the grand children run around the pool.

I also look forward to having Poly-Mor come back and work on other areas that we have concerns.

I apologize for the length of this e-mail as to express how we feel takes more then a few sentences actually only one word is needed POLY-MOR!


Chris & Susan

The Power of polymers

Poly-Mor products and services


Products & Services

High density polyurethane foam systems since their introduction into Canada by Poly-Mor Canada Inc. some 20 years ago were used almost exclusively for purposes of lifting settled concrete structures – yes slab-lifting. Over the years Poly-Mor has developed other uses for foam systems and has developed specialized foam systems for these products. The following itemizes other products Poly-Mor offers our markets:

VOID-FILLING – Sink Holes, Any Annular Space       Fill. Wash Outs, etc.

SOILS STABILIZATION – Densification of Weak Soils Strata at Depth

LEAK SEALING – Manholes, Catch Basins, Box Culverts, Storm & Sanitary Lines, etc.

REINFORCED POLYMER BASE – A Reinforced Structural Base to Bridge Weak Soils Condition

FOUNDATION LIFTING – Lifting Slab-On-Grade, Rafted and Footed Foundations

POYMER PILES – Anchoring & Pinning Systems

In future Poly-Blogs we will get into more detail on each of  the products and services Poly-Mor Canada Inc. can offer.


My name is Derek and I arranged for Poly-Mor to lift our driveway.

In some areas the driveway had sunk over three inches and several of the slabs were considerably out of alignment. While I was optimistic that our driveway could be fixed to look reasonably well I didn’t think that the final result could meet the expectation of the Poly-Mor sales rep.

I was wrong, the driveway looks great and we couldn’t be more pleased.

I would like to pass on a special thanks to John of the Concord, Ont. branch for his courteous and caring service as well as all the crew who completed the work.


The Power of polymers

Get the facts


Get The Facts

Yesterday, and many, many times we have been asked the question “Why should we use Poly-Mor?” A good question and the answer is we were the first to introduce the technology to Canada and we have proven ourselves in the field as well as demonstrating ingenuity in the application of expanding polyurethane resin systems as evidenced through a number of patents and patent pendings that Poly-Mor has. It is easy to talk about ourselves but we encourage you to closely check out the competition and ask and compare their answers to ours:


How log have you been in business              Since 1998
How many lifting jobs have you done          Over 6,500
Is Slab-Jacking your only business                Yes
Do you do foam insulating work                    No
Do you do foam roofing work                         No
Is your foam proven & long lasting               Yes
Is your foam environmentally neutral          Yes
Are you LEEDs certified                                    Yes
Do you warranty your foam                            Yes
Do you warranty your workmanship           Yes
What is your minimum foam warranty        10 Years
What is your workmanship warranty           2 – 5 Years
Are you COR Certified                                       Yes
Can you provide three references                  Yes

When it comes to slab-lifting, experience counts to minimize cracking in lifting the concrete and having long-term back-up for the work undertaken. Check out the credentials of competitors and compare!


Although this testimonial is a little dated it speaks to the matter at hand (Note we were URETEK prior to rebranding to Poly-Mor some 5 years ago)


September 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I feel obliged to write this letter and explain my experience with (CRS)  – a concrete slab lifting company in Winnipeg.

It all started in the spring of 2008 when I called CRS to request they provide an estimate to lift and level my settled and cracked residential concrete walkway and driveway.  I subsequently agreed to have CRS do the work and they started the project in July.  After almost a whole day at my house and a return visit a few days later, the CRS representative advised that they could not lift or level certain areas of the concrete, they could not remove some of the kick hazards and they could not restore the driveway to its approximate original elevation (all of which they had contracted to do).  CRS said they ‘did the best job possible’, which was not satisfactory by any standard.  Furthermore, they presented a bill and demanded payment for the full amount of the estimate.

Wow, was I shocked.
My neighbour, a previous URETEK customer, suggested that I contact the URETEK team – ask them to evaluate the CRS work to see if they could make the job complete.
In September 2008, URETEK spent about 3-4 hours only – lifting and leveling my walkway and driveway – removing all kick hazards – and advised me on how to extend the life of the concrete by treating cracks with a special caulking.
URETEK did the job, perfectly!  All the things CRS could not do, URETEK did without hesitation – they said it was “business as usual”.
I would recommend URETEK in a heart beat – unqualified.

Wayne S.
Richmond West,

The Power of polymers

How we do it


How We Do It

We could describe in detail how we Void-Fill, Slab-Lift and do Soils Stabilization but a picture is worth a thousand words. The following video pictorially shows how we lift settled concrete structures, fill voided areas and densify weak base soils structures.





My husband and I are very pleased with the work your crew did here. They are very pleasant and professional.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you so much for being able to do this work so quickly and to do the extra work at the last minute.


Anne and Dave

The Power of polymers

Why Poly-Mor

Why Poly-Mor?
When it comes to slab-lifting settled concrete this is a more than valid question and it should be asked!!! The traditional method of lifting settled concrete is referred to as “mud’-jacking” which employs hydraulic technology
whereby a low mobility grout is injected at low pressures through a drilled hole and the settled concrete slab is lifted and typically to do a proper job the Mud-Jacking Handbook requires holes to be drilled no farther than 3’ apart. The Poly-Mor technique of lifting settled concrete slabs utilizes a chemical lift whereby two liquid components are mixed and injected through a small hole and the foaming action of the two components lifts the settled concrete slab with ease. The following diagram shows the advantages and disadvantages of grout over foam:

Another valid question to ask once you are convinced that the superior technology is the use of a light weight foam product is “How Long Have You Been In Business?” We suggest this question because lifting using an expanding polymer resin, if not undertaken by seasoned technicians can result in shoddy workmanship and
Poly-Mor has experienced the “learning-curve” as we have been in business for just about 20 years. Our promise to you is “If we do not do what we say we can and will do, we will not charge you!”

From Mr. & Mrs. Rentsch – “Jarrod and Mike just finished up and did a fabulous, professional job and they were courteous and friendly. Please convey our sincere thanks to them.” I will be certain to spread the good word about Poly-Mor. It was a pleasure dealing with you all.”

The Power of polymers


As we explained in a previous Poly-Blog, the formulation of polyurethane comprised the mixing of a polyol and an isocyanate that has to be mixed at the downstream end of the process. In the mixing and subsequent expansion of the two mixed components the chemical reaction that takes place produces an exothermic reaction – ie: the reaction itself produces heat or a thermic reaction. The amount of heat produced is approximately 2750 F. It is important to understand this phenomenon as if polyurethane is used around plastics pipes made of polyethylene or polypropylene where the melting temperatures are less than the heat created by the exothermic reaction of the polymer formulation then the possibility that the pipes could melt would be a reality. It is noted that those experienced in the use and application of polyurethane systems would not be challenged with a scenario where plastic pipes were involved.

Water Line Insulation
Polyurethane foam is an excellent insulating material. In fact more and more developers are going to polyurethane foam systems to insulate residences and commercial buildings because of the thermal characteristics of polyurethane and the fact that it is applied in situ and provides a vapour barrier as well as a thermal barrier all-in-one. Closed cell polyurethane systems provide superior thermal characteristics. The polyurethane systems used by Poly-Mor for slab-lifting, void-filling and leak sealing have a R-value of some
R-5.5 – R-6.0 per inch of thickness.

I would like to thank you, and your team for a job will done on my concrete pool deck slab lifting at “222 Carson drive, Hamilton, Ontario” . They did an amazing job on my concrete slab lifting. Again, thanks for very good work, and I am sure we will be dealing with your company with lots of work ahead in the near future.

Next Time
Having briefly covered the fundamentals of polyurethane foam systems we will get into the products Poly-Mor Canada Inc. specializes in and thereafter we will get into the applications under each of Poly-Mor’s unique products.

The Power of polymers


Foam Density
When describing any specific polyurethane system whether it is used for slab-lifting, void-filling, leak-sealing, etc. the system is typically referenced in terms of its density. For example, for slab-lifting, the foam system Poly-Mor uses is a 2 ½ lb. expanding polymer density system. What does this mean? The meaning of density is simply that it takes 2 ½ lbs. of liquid material which will expand into 1 cubic foot of solid polyurethane material. Similarly, if you had a 3 lb. polyurethane system it would take 3 lbs. of liquid material to give you 1 cubic foot of solid material.

Closed Cell Content
It is noted that in order to maximize the closed cell content of any foam system it must have a minimum density of 2 lbs. or more. The low density foams typically used for insulation purposes is well below the 2 lb. density requirement for closed cell material. The polyurethane foam you can purchase at a hardware store is very low density and hence open celled material which will nor stand up to exterior environmental conditions, especially freeze/thaw cycling.

Structural Characteristics

Effect of Density on Compressive Strength

There is a direct relationship between the density of the foam system and its engineering or structural characteristics such as compressive strength, elongation strength, flexural strength and tensile strength. The adjacent chart demonstrates this relationship and the impact of density upon compressive strength. The other relationships can be viewed on our web site at



I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and pleasure with the slab treatment Poly-Mor recently completed at my home. I want to express what a pleasure it has been to deal with Uretek. Right from the first contact with Harry, through dealing with the crew at my home, to receiving the bill. You should be proud and comforted to know that such a top-notch bunch of guys represent your company.
Next Time
Next time we will briefly review other characteristics of polyurethane foam like exothermic reaction, R-Value, etc.

The Power of polymers


Going Forward

Going Forward
Over the next number of months, together we will be reviewing the basis of our technology, the products offered by Poly-Mor Canada Inc. in meeting challenges related to slab-lifting, soils stabilization, leak sealing and other applications, as well as advantages of our technology over other technologies like mud jacking, pressure grouting etc.


Everything Poly-Mor does and every product application is based upon the use of a specific expanding polymer system. Depending upon the product application, engineering specification, desired results, etc. an expanding polymer resin system will be employed. In more simplified terms the expanding polymer resin systems are different polyurethane (PU) systems. Polyurethane is a two part chemical system where a Polyol and an Isocyanate are mixed at the end of a specialized injection gun. The Polyol and Isocyanate start to gel within seconds and expand up to 20 times their liquid volume. The below video demonstrates this process.

I would like to thank you and your team for a job will done on my concrete pool deck slab lifting her in Hamilton, Ontario” , they did an amazing job on my concrete slab lifting. I only hired them to do one part of my concrete slab fixing but I will be doing the rest to complete the fixing of all slabs around my house in near future.
I also, will be recommending your company to all our offices of Stantec Consulting for any future jobs requires your expertise. This solution of concrete fixing for slabs and foundation will be a great money saving to lots of our clients and adding to this type of product used as environmentally friendly product and very efficient way of permanent solution.
Again, thanks for very good work, and I am sure we will be dealing with your company with lots of work ahead in the near future.

Next Time
We will address certain terminology relating to polyurethanes such as density, exothermicity, R-Value, etc.

The Power of polymers


Our Start
Poly-Mor Canada was inaugurated in 1998 as an alternative technology to mud-jacking. Initially incorporated as Foam-Tek Canada Inc, and shortly thereafter the name was changed to Poly-Mor Canada Inc. In 2008 we rebranded ourselves as Poly-Mor Canada Inc. We are proud to note that we were the first company in Canada to use expanding polymer resins systems to lift and stabilize sunken concrete structures.

Our Objective
Our Company’s objective is simple. POLY-MOR will provide quality concrete slab-jacking, stabilization, leak sealing and restoration services to customers at fair prices. The price of our services will reflect work safety, quality materials, efficient work, and profit margins that provide long-term company growth and stability.


Our Growth
Since or inception in 1998 we have expanding our slab-jacking technology to a point where we are now a national company with offices from Vancouver to Halifax. During this period of time we have undertaken literally thousands of slab-jacking jobs from the smallest or residential jobs to slab-lifting of bridge approaches and concrete paved roads.

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the very prompt service work on our patio today,  it looks great!  Couldn’t tell anyone was even there. Will recommend Poly-Mor to anyone down the road that needs work done.  Dave




Moving Forward
Stay tuned! Our weekly Poly-Blog will be communicated starting next week on what our focus will be over the next number of months.

The Power of polymers